Townhomes and Multi-Family Development For Real Estate Investors in Tucson and Southern Arizona

Subdivisions & Multi-Family Development

Townhome Subdivisions & Multi-Family Development

Sunstone Development and Construction works with investors to build real value. We understand the rental and housing markets in Tucson and Southern Arizona and we know how to make real estate development pencil-out. From project timing to working with lending institutions on construction we know first hand that time is money. We keep costs down with efficient schedules, experienced trades and five decades of site and project management.

Tucson, AZ

Monte Verde Townhomes

A gated, 20-unit residential community designed exclusively for short-term rentals or sale at market rate. Land, development and construction expenses cost around $5M and FMV at over $7M in about 24 months. We handle these types of portfolio projects, and we build and invest alongside our clients in some cases.

Southern Arizona

Sierra Tuscan Apartments

A charming multi-family 220 door residential community nestled in the heart of Tucson, Arizona in-fill incentive district. Modern open floor plan with meticulously designed community spaces, two sparkling pools, and convenient on-site management facilities, this is the perfect place to call home for renters in the Southern Arizona market.

Tucson and Southern Arizona Builder Daniel Boveington Custom Home Kitchen
Tucson and Southern Arizona Builder Daniel Boveington Custom Home Dinning Room
Building Efficiency & Long-Term Value

Profitable Design and Construction

We look to compliment Tucson’s architectural and environmental aesthetic while maximizing land efficiency to ensure long-term value for investors and future home-owners or renters. Our team will work closely with zoning and regulatory authorities to guarantee compliance while focusing on creating a visually appealing and sustainable environment for residents. Our goal is to be in at $150 a square foot and out at $225/250 SF (as of 2023). Our target ROI for Multi-Family or Apartments developments is a CAP rate in the range of 14 to 18%.


Townhome and Apartment Features


A contemporary, energy-efficient design in line with local architecture
Spacious interiors and private outdoor spaces
Appliances, fixtures and finishes
3/2 with garage and patio, modern finishes and styleList item
Economic and profitable approach for investment property construction


A contemporary, energy-efficient design in line with local architecture
Spacious interiors and small private outdoor patios
Anchor town house spaces with small yards for pets (not currently available)
Appliances, fixtures and finishes
Combination of 2/1 and 3/2 with open living spaces, modern finishes and style
Economic and profitable approach for investment property construction
Cost Efficiency & Affordability

Affordable Investment Options

A major component of our development plan is affordability. When we build a community we build high-quality short-term rentals at far less than market value. To maximize returns, we focus on cost-efficient construction methods and materials, we plan tight construction schedules and we manage our projects to avoid delays and re-inspections. Planning and effective site and sub management are key to reducing overall construction timelines and associated financing costs.

Three Phase Development Timeline

Project Timelines and Revenue Generation

Planning & Site Development

During this phase, we will thoroughly analyze the local housing market, zoning laws, and environmental concerns to develop the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing design.


Design For Value

Depending on our client’s priorities we design to suit the end goal of STR, market-rate housing or high-end spec home.


We expect construction to begin within six months of site acquisition, with completion aimed for 18-24 months down the line. Efficiency is key to maximizing return and reducing financing cost.

Maximize Your ROI

Return on Investment: STR or Market Rate Housing

Our detailed cost-benefit analysis outlines the robust returns on investment for Monte Verde Townhomes:

Expected annual rental income: We anticipate each townhome will generate between $25,000 to $35,000 in rental income, providing investors with consistent cash flow.
Property value appreciation: As the city and its attractions continue to grow, property values in the area are projected to increase, bringing additional equity to Monte Verde’s investors.
Sales to end users: Should an investor decide to sell their property, the strong housing market and demand for quality rental properties will provide excellent opportunities for a profitable sale.
Expected IRR of 20% and CAP rate of 14-18%.

Real Estate Investors Work With Sunstone to Build Value

For further information and to discuss investment opportunities, please contact Sunstone Development and Construction at (520) 223-9418.